At DAO1, we believe in providing for communities and supporting charitable projects. We will be implementing a feature that will allow our community members to support a range of charities right from within the platform. This feature will be open to anyone that signs up to our platform and it will enable any community member or artist selling tokenized NFTs, to raise funds and donate to charitable causes of their choice. We plan to offer our community members a portal where they will feel empowered to support important causes. Another way in which we plan on supporting charities directly will be through a portal where anyone holding the DAO1 token, can donate directly the equivalent amount in any currency denomination of their choice.

The DAO1 platform will charge a service fee in the range of 1.5 to 2% and this will be to facilitate all of the transactional elements surrounding NFTs and other assets. Funds that are raised from NFT sales within the platform will be shared with the stakers/farmers on the DAO1 platform to ensure support is provided to the platform.

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