The Crypto Venture & Startup Fund will be a fully licensed platform and the DAO1 fund will eliminate barriers to entry and promotes investor inclusivity at all levels of expertise. Financial inclusivity is at the heart of our fund strategy. We want to be fully inclusive from an investment perspective and investors will be able to invest in the Crypto Startup Fund with just $100. The platform will greatly improve investor exposure to the highest quality projects and this feature is not being offered by anyone else in the crypto space.

The Crypto Startup Fund is a feature that will allow community members to craft their own exposure to various funds based on their risk appetite. What DAO1 offers with this feature is an all-inclusive environment where we can support community members to invest in the right startups of their choice. We will vet the highest quality projects and select only those that have met our stringent requirements criteria around security, quality, and future potential. Coupled with the DAO1 Learning Centre, our vision is to provide a safe environment to make empowering investment choices.

The lower capital requirement of $100 will open up a wealth of opportunities to help small to medium-sized investors get involved with high-quality projects which DAO1 has recommended. Focusing on the best startups does not have to constitute information overload, this is why this feature can work well alongside peer-to-peer investment advice, which fellow community members can provide to each other on the platform. DAO1 will always be in the background to ensure our community members are aware of the risks involving investing in newly-launched startups in the cryptocurrency space.

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