With the aim to give socio-economic freedom to the community

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Governance from Day 1

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Decentralized Fund (DeF) with Hybrid Advisory

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Crypto Venture & Startup Fund

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Incubator Platform

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Charity Initiative

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International Hackathons for Developers

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Yield Farming

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Underwritings with DAO1 holders profit from startups funded by DAO1

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How is DAO1 different from a traditional system?

DAO1 follows a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry from time to time and constantly upgrade its tools and modules for the growth of the community and the native token.

Control of Assets

Self-custody of assets eliminates reliability on third party apps.


Ensures data integrity while allowing users to perform regular audits.

Ever Evolving

Interactive, ever evolving platform and universal financial access.


A self-compliant smart contract and full automated process.

to empower the community

Hybrid Advisory, a Decentralized Fund (DeF)

DeF empowers the community to stake any admissible coin or token with the Robo instantly, rendering guidance on the most prudent project to invest in for maximum benefits. This rare instrument anchors an automated advisory capacity that reduces risk and maximizes utility in the DAO1 community.

This robust system ensures the superiority of our platform.

Reducing Risk
DAO1 Crypto Venture & Startup Fund

DAO1 Crypto Venture & Startup Fund

It offers a portfolio guaranteeing investment with any coin of your choice in various Funds that come with attractive APY. There are multiple fund options to choose from based on personal investment criteria. DAO1 will apply for an applicable license in the most suitable jurisdiction and this will boost the confidence of Investors in this startup fund.

DAO1 Incubator Platform

DAO1 Incubator Platform

The Incubator Platform will provide new emerging projects with exclusive mentorship, funds for development, and access to respectable partnerships until there is a finished product or service.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Charity Initiative

At DAO1, we believe in providing for communities and supporting charitable projects. We will be implementing a feature that will allow our community members to support a range of charities right from within the platform. This feature will be open to anyone that signs up on our platform and it will enable any community member or artist selling tokenized NFTs, to raise funds and donate to charitable causes of their choice.

We plan to offer our community members a portal where they will feel empowered to support important causes. Another way in which we plan on supporting charities directly will be through a portal where anyone holding the DAO1 token, can donate directly the equivalent amount in any currency denomination of their choice.

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