1. 2nd Quarter 2021 Phase-1

    Release of the whitepaper

    Website launch

    Deployment of the Main contract

    Smart Contract Audit

    Commencement of Marketing Endeavors

    Uniswap Launch

    Governance (DAO launching)

    CEX Listing

  2. 2nd Quarter 2021 Phase-2

    Launching DAO1 Staking Protocol

    Launching DAO1 Farming Protocol (All Farming Pools)

    1st International Hackathon for Developers

    Launching of Crypto Venture & startup Fund

  3. 3rd Quarter 2021

    Charity Collectables NFTs

    DAO1 Incubator Platform

    Expansion of CEX listings

  4. 4th Quarter 2021

    Decentralised Fund (DeF) with Hybrid Advisory


    Release of New Features in Whitepaper 2.0

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