What we propose at DAO1 is a truly decentralized autonomous organization. Our team is acting on behalf of the community and we do not act as a central authority. The team does not make management decisions regarding DAO1. We have opted for a fully decentralized approach, leaving governing power entirely in the hands of the DAO1 community.

Francesco Dell'Aga2ta Operations Advisor @ DAO1

Leo G

Chief Strategist

Focused on developing, deploying, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives for DAO1.

Francesco Dell'Aga2ta Operations Advisor @ DAO1

Francesco D.

Business Operations

Provides the bridge between business and technology. Specialized expertise in blockchain, AI and digital transformation. Focused on the business operations aspects of the DAO1 ecosystem.

Adrian Head of Partnerships @ DAO1

Adrian N.

Head of Partnerships

Extensive experience over 20 years building companies, coupled with a solid background in sales, marketing and business development. Focused on building and nurturing key strategic partnerships.

sei Akenten Parker Bernard Head of COmmunity @ DAO1

Osei B.

Head of Community

Experienced content creator with a passion for blockchain. Focused on building high-quality digital content and an inclusive, open and honest DAO1 community.

sei Akenten Parker Bernard Head of COmmunity @ DAO1

Jack A.

Marketing Manager

Working with brand building and digital marketing, Jack is focused on bringing high quality results in the blockchain and crypto space.


Adi @ DAO1

Adikeshav S

Software Architect

An engineering graduate with 5+ years working in the startup ecosystem as a software professional. Specializing in back-end, front-end, API design, and web development. I am a polyglot programmer who has worked with technologies like MEAN stack, Groovy-Grails, Python-Django.

Mahboob @ DAO1

Mahboob I

PM/Front End Engineer

Mahboob holds more than a decade of development and entrepreneurial experience in diverse fields and locations around the world. This includes personal experience in social enterprises and blockchain projects.

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